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The feeder webcam's stream is live for birds watching during day time here in the Northwest Russia (currently from about 04:30 to 12:30 Greenwich Mean Time). These times are subject to change according to actual sunrise and sunset times. The stream is offline at nights as seemingly we don't have owls here (nor a food for them), and all other birds sleep at night.

Birds which currently can be seen on the feeder are: great tit, blue tit, nuthatch, sparrow and pigeon. We expect bullfinches and maybe woodpeckers to arrive later in December or January.
BTW, do you now what a nuthatch looks like? Stay tuned for see them between tits!

We mainly migrated to HTML5 version, please try this link (tested to work with Android 4.4, 5.x, 6.x, Chrome/Chromium 48+ and Firefox 45+ — please use recent versions).

If the video cannot be played on your device please try to open this link with VLC or alike.

If the feed stops (usually at 30th minute of each hour, a clock is in lower right corner), just reload the page. It is done intentionally for stopping a traffic to those who don't refresh (i.e. AFK) and for updating a value of a temperature sensor (it is in lower right corner, too).